Brave New World: The Social And Emotional Intelligence Advantage

Our half-day seminar quickly gives your team practical building blocks to re-focus your team, de-toxify your work environment; to build individual resilience; to improve team cohesion, and to expedite problem solving (without involving a higher-level manager).

Our inspiring in-depth case study will focus on how a team of courageous citizens addressed the root causes of violence after the tragic murder of her son at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today, with more than 1.7 million downloads, the “Choose Love” movement curriculum is found in every US state and in 90 countries around the world.

Who is this for? Business and social enterprise leaders who recognize new practices are needed to forge superior teams that are facing existential threats like (COVID-19); to form cohesive teams, and to innovate in the face of major changes. 

Format : All-hands keynote and/or workshop

Bonus: The school and community versions of this program are available for free at A portion of net profits from your purchase will go to help keep this curriculum free for schools and communities.

Testimonials about the Choose Love Movement:

National Educator Survey Results from June 2020 for the in-school Choose Love Curriculum (which is incorporated into this seminar):

  • 99% saw an improvement in classroom climate
  • 98% said they enjoyed teaching the CLEP
  • 95% said students enjoyed the program
  • 99% saw an improvement in students’ overall behavior

Impact results: 2017/2018 ​Elementary School in Kailua, Hawaii conducted a study to determine Choose Love SEL outcomes by character value.

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