Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Healthy diversity, equity and inclusion practices are proven to create stronger teams and communities. When we work with people who are different than we are, we unlock opportunities we would not have on our own. And, when we do not understand people who are different than we are, we reduce team trust and limit our ability to meet our goals as a team.

This workshop teaches:

  • The Choose Love formula (Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness & Compassion-in-Action) to immediately give you more options, reduce stress, take your power back and to take action. This formula emerged from the violent tragedy of school violence that the Choose Love Movement addresses through deep systemic change.
  • Tools and techniques to foster positive cultures of inclusion.
  • Productive strategies for tough conversations (competitive resource allocation, past harms, current challenges, etc.).
  • How to facilitate sustainable practices that translate positive words into meaningful actions in the face of systemic challenges.

Our Master Skills Workshop on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is rooted in the ground-breaking work of Choose Love Movement in addressing deep, systemic failures about the root cause of societal violence. This movement addressed the issue by having difficult conversations (that many would have avoided!) at all levels of society. The movement’s next generation social and emotional intelligence curriculum has been taught to more than 1.7 million people in schools across the globe.

Our workshop is also rooted in

  1. The world-class reconciliation work pioneered by Duke Center for Reconciliation with initiatives in the US, Asia and Africa. (The Asia and African work is led by indigenous leaders).
  2. Health disparities work – with people whose bodies are different than ours – whether those disparities are in intellectual abilities or life-limiting illnesses, including hospice.
  3. Work with the University of Texas School of Law to make systemic changes to its recruiting pipeline, so that all top-tier law schools benefited from its efforts.
  4. Reintegration work with ethnically and generationally diverse families with US military families at Ft. Bragg.

You will walk away with:

  1. An increased capacity to understand “What’s going on?” with four critical questions taught globally by great leaders, including UN Human Rights prize winners. These questions help identify different perspectives and help the team forward.
  2. Your personal leadership credo, focusing on values, long-term goals and short-term success actions
  3. Four practices that can be used every day to build a better future for you and your team – because of, and in spite of, the broken world in which we live.

We will hear from our Chief Movement Officer Scarlett Lewis, a mother whose journey to create systemic change in the face of a terrible tragedy inspires millions today. It’s so effective that the Governor of the State of New Hampshire calls it, “A miracle!”

Our principal teacher, Allegra Jordan, was raised by leaders of the Voting Rights movement in Selma, Alabama; she created and produced the first summer institute for the Duke Center for Reconciliation and helped convene innovative hospice CEOs with the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life. Allegra helped the University of Texas Law School go from “worst to first” in reputation with the Latino community, winning the “Top Law School for Hispanics” survey for four years in a row following a challenge to UT’s affirmative action admissions policies. Allegra facilitated racial reconciliation conversations with Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching alumni program (“The New Normal”) and hosts the top Google site for reconciliation poetry (www.reconciliationpoetry.com). She has been an invited speaker on topics of reconciliation and reintegration at the Family Enterprise Wealth conference (Chicago), Harvard Memorial Church and with the Harvard Clubs of Boston, London, New York and Washington DC, at the Selma, Alabama Public Library and at Jefferson Community College (Birmingham, AL) creative writing series.

We believe that we can work together to create a better future. That’s why we Choose Love!

Sophocles, 496-405 BCE trans. Seamus Heaney, excerpt


Human beings suffer,
they torture one another,
they get hurt and get hard.

History says, Don’t hope
on this side of the grave.
But then, once in a lifetime
the longed for tidal wave
of justice can rise up,
and hope and history rhyme.

So hope for a great sea-change
on the far side of revenge.
Believe that a further shore
is reachable from here.
Believe in miracles
and cures and healing wells.